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TRANSFORMING THE FUTURE WITH THE CONVERGENCE OF SIMULATION AND DATA FRONT-END INTERNSHIP IN CLOUD TEAM Do you like a challenge, are you a complex thinker who likes to solve problems? If so, then you might be the new Altairian we are searching for. At Altair, your curiosity matters. We pride ourselves on a business culture that enables open, creative thinking, and we deeply value our employees and their contributions towards our clients' success, as well as our own. JOB SUMMARY: Current PBS Cloud products are designed for standard screen size 1600x1200px. The internship would be related to implement responsive design. The idea is to adapt and rethink the UI to be displayed in a clear, usable, and intuitive way for users on small devices including tablets. Then the code style (css) will be changed according to the agreements on UX using media queries or an equivalent. The current UI is fully tested with VR snapshots, RTL (React Testing Library) and e2e tests on the standard screen size. Last step would be to test on all supported resolutions WHAT YOU WILL DO: * React.js, Typescript, ES6, Babel, Webpack, Vitejs, Rollup, ESLint * Jest, React Testing Library, Protractor, Puppeteer * Lodash, PostCSS, React-router, React-table * Agile scrum methodology * Python 3 microservices * HTTP REST API interactions * Docker-based containers environment WHAT YOU WILL NEED: BASICS: * JS (ES6), Typescript, DOM, React.js * HTML5, css * Webpack, Vitejs, rollup, babel * Git, gitlab PREFERRED: * Continuous improvement * Bring ideas and move things forward * Technological watching * Good communication * Keep in mind the ROI HOW YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL: * ENVISION THE FUTURE * COMMUNICATE HONESTLY AND BROADLY * SEEK TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESS “FIRSTS” * EMBRACE DIVERSITY AND TAKE RISKS WHAT WE OFFER: * Monthly salary : 1 100 € * Location : Lyon (69) with the possibility of working from home office if the health situation requires it * Bonus at the end of the internship up to 500 € depending on the achievement of objectives * Lunch voucher : 8.50 €/day (50% trainee participation) * Reimbursement of 50% of the transportation cost (with proof) WHY WORK WITH US: Altair is a global technology company providing software and cloud solutions in the areas of product development, high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI). Altair enables organizations in nearly every industry to compete more effectively in a connected world, while creating a more sustainable future. With more than 3,000 engineers, scientists, and creative thinkers in 25 countries, we help solve our customer’s toughest challenges and deliver unparalleled service, helping the innovators innovate, drive better decisions, and turn today’s problems into tomorrow’s opportunities. OUR VISION IS TO TRANSFORM CUSTOMER DECISION MAKING WITH DATA ANALYTICS, SIMULATION, AND HIGH-PERFORMANCE COMPUTING AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI). For more than 30 years, we have been helping our customers integrate electronics and controls with mechanical design to expand product value, develop AI, simulation and data-driven digital twins to drive better decisions, and deliver advanced HPC and cloud solutions to support unlimited idea exploration. READY TO GO? #ONLYFORWARD At our core we are explorers; adventurers; pioneers. We are the brains behind some of the world’s most revolutionary innovations and are not only comfortable in new and uncharted waters, we dive in headfirst. We are the original trailblazers that make the impossible possible, discovering new solutions to our customer’s toughest challenges. Altair is an equal opportunity employer. Our backgrounds are diverse, and every member of our global team is critical to our success. Altair's history demonstrates a belief that empowering each individual authentic voice reinforces a culture that thrives because of the uniqueness among our team.

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